What is the lifespan of a start up ecommerce company?

The other day my son happened to mention that these days business start-ups are predicted more on how many iterations of the same business a person can do without running out of money.They say that the start-up is a science now. It’s not the person or the product/service, but the number of permutations you try before running out of money or quitting.

What this means is that with most start-ups, there is little money, yet you really need to find your niche and then try different things to succeed. Some find that once they do this they don’t like their new business at all and then decide to cancel that thought and move to the next thought.

Fitting in line with this thinking is the fact that if you run out of money before you find the right niche and business for yourself, then you’ll soon be going back to work for someone else. This is why it’s so important to be careful with your funds.

This leads to the question of the hour… What really is he lifespan of a start-up website?

We  see many new start ups invest money into websites, only to find out a year later that they are no longer in business.  For us this is frustrating. We develop a beautiful site, we put it in our portfolio and the link is broken in a year. (This is why we started making pictures of websites instead of links, because start-ups are sketchy. ) Entrepreneurs fail, they get bored, they want more.

For a normal business, out of the start-up phase, the lifespan is about 3 to 4 years, but for start-ups it’s an entirely different story.

I was asked recently what to do with a change in products on a domain name. Once your start-up becomes a different company basically you are looking at an entirely different website, and an entirely different investment. This is why it’s important to be careful with funds when you are starting your new business. If you invest thousands into the design of a website and a year later have to do it all over again, you are already spending precious start-up monies unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong, most web design companies will love you for it, but as far as being successful in business, this just doesn’t count.

The easiest thing to do, knowing that this may be just a test, is to design a cost effective professional website and let it work  for a year. Does it move you? are you still interested? If so, improve that website and make it even better.  Of course, letting a website work for a year is a great idea, but remember that you have to work your website for a year. Contrary to popular belief successful websites that make money don’t just work themselves. You have to invest some serious time into promoting and marketing that website to make it beneficial and make it earn money for you