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We have been writing a series of articles on this subject and here is yet another one recaping the different solutions and price grouping of the eCommerce software that we find suitable for multi channel selling for eBay and Amazon. We have tested nearly all of these platforms so they do work.

Best Ebay lister with eCommerce sync ability at reasonable price points:

  1. Highwire – by Inkfrog developers, with templates – $29.95 month
  2. BigCommerce
    1. with ChannelUnity, but buggy use with BigCommerce- 79.+99. month – 179. month
    2. with Ordoro sync only – no ebay lister, 179. month
    3. with Stich but no ebay lister 149. month
    4. with Inkfrog, free
  3. 3d cart- ebay lister less than a year old, 99. month
  4. SureDone -pricy- less than 3 years old – 300. month
  5. Magento m2e – but theme development in Magento is difficult to say the least – 149. month

Sync and lowest priced

  1. Highwire – 29.95 month, best in category
  2. Vendio
  3. Auctiva, ebay only
  4. Stich, no listing tool – sync only
  5. Ordoro, no listing tool – sync only
  6. goDatafeed, 160 month

MidRange Solutions: $300 and up per month most of these are new guys on the block

  1. Sellbrite
  2. ChannelSale- india based
  3. SureDone
  4. SellerVantage
  5. BrightPearl
  6. StoreFeeder

The Expensive Ones over 600 a month

  1. Channeladvisor – great platform Best of the Best
  2. SolidCommerce – good reviews
  3. sellerPro –
  4. monsoon –

UK Based Solutions: for US Sellers support could be an issue.

  1. selro, 130-160 month
  2. sellerexpress, can’t get a trial unless you get a phone call at 6am, 200 month
  3. channelgrabber, 120 month
  4. Linnworks, desktop program, 250 month
  5. auctinblox- 299 month

Multi Channel Shopping Carts that list to eBay under 150 a month

  1. 3d Cart – ebay lister is less than a year old but has nice templating ability
  2. Magento open – difficult to theme, use M2e for eBay
  3. Big Commerce/Shopify – use ordoro, stich, or inkfrog
  4. Volusion

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