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Building your site using an eCommerce template

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Feb  2014

Lots of people try to create a simple eCommerce site using a template to test the waters so to speak. This can be a very inexpensive way to do thing and here are a few tip and tricks on how to do it. The first thing coming to mind when choosing an existing template is […]

BigCommerce Flexsider fixing the big gap at the top of the slider

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Jan  2014

If you work on websites all day long, like we do, you always find this or that or another item with issues. The issue here is the BigCommerce Flexslider, or Carousel slideshow that has a great big gap of whitespace at the top, and all kinds of googling suggesting one or another fix for it. […]

eCommerce Checklist

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Dec  2013

Here is a list of things that every eCommerce seller should be doing: Ecommerce Check List   Site Elements   Optimize Site Images and Speed   Discounts and Wholesale Pricing   Inventory Control and Stocking   Site Trust Seals   BBB   Credit Card Trust Seals   Reputation Trust   SSL   Checkout process   […]

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