Raw Data: Where to Migrate Prostores – Results of our testing

Raw Data: eBay Sellers moving off of ProStores and MagentoGo- Results of our in-house testing of mutiple shopping carts. (Rough Draft)

(Note: this is very raw data and is presented here for those looking for an outside opinion, we did not fully test nor do we imply that any of these platforms are 100%- this material is presented for those who want to test on their own and get a jump-start)

Please see our articles on Prostores Migration here to get the full picture

Our testing was done for our clients that are larger eBay sellers, this information is somewhat tailored to this sector of the market. We tested for eBay, Multichannel and Dropship configurations for volume sellers.

None of these platforms will do what ProStores could do in terms of inventory sync and integration without the use of a module without being much more expensive than many sellers are used to.

  1. Bigcommerce: 49-79 mo (with eBay features add 99 mo)

    1. Design is template and adjustable to customize
    2. Heavily supported by developers with plugins
    3. SEO Friendly
    4. No blog – must use outside hosted
    5. Multichannel Marketing
      1. Supports Google Feeds
      2. Can do a basic eBay push on it’s own but requires module for more robust listing and inventory
      3. Ordoro for eBay, amazon, etc.
        1. Sync inventory numbers
        2. Email to Dropshippers
        3. Price is 35-80 a month.
      4. Stichlabs
        1. Sync inventory numbers
        2. Price 45 mo
        3. No dropship functionality
      5. ChannelUnity- 1%
        1. Ebay template – yes
        2. Price 15+1%
        3. Unable to complete test due to issues – not a smooth pull from eBay.
        4. Looked promising.
    6. Dropship emails
      1. eCommHub, no ebay integration at this time but will do dropshipper email
      2. Dropship email can be done on blog host or other site using email forward and scan for words in email. Setup time only.
    7. Usability for Store owners:somewhat easy.
  2. Shopify- not fully tested (similar to BigCommerce in pricing)

    1. Themes are customizable and somewhat easy to edit.
    2. Seo friendly
    3. No access to robots.txt or htaccess
    4. Self Blog, or use WordPress on outside hosting
    5. Marketplaces
      1. Can use odoro for inventory number sync with ebay and amazon
      2. Can use ecomhub for dropship
      3. Can use inventorysource for dropship sourcing
      4. Integrates with stichlabs
      5. Google product feed is minimal.
  3. 3D Cart – not fully tested (99mo unlimited+99 mo for eBay sync if needed)

    1. Themes are easily customized
    2. SEO Friendly
    3. Priced 99 month for unlimited products
    4. integrates with eBay on it’s own, can push items out with nice templates, better than most, and using Ordoro, Stitchlabs and others can do a more robust inventory sync.
    5. Use wordpress on outside hosting
    6. looks like you can edit htaccess and robots
    7. dropship in place.
    8. Usability: somewhat simple.
  4. Magento CE (Community Edition) 20-149 mo. depending on host.
    1. Themes available customizable but harder to do than others ie: (no admin interface)
    2. Blog can be on same server
    3. SEO friendly
    4. Hosting includes LAMP fully hosted Means server can do just about any integration
    5. costs 20-80mo Value added faster hosting service.
    6. Features open source highly supported
    7. Modules for multichannel
      1. m2e- free Magento module, nice ebay sync and templates pushed out
    8. Dropship emails
      1. ecommhub for dropshipping about 35 a month
      2. dropship emails can be forward to email and scaned –setup time only.
    9. Usability for Store owners: more technical than others, multiple tabs.
  5. Miva 49-79 mo
    1. Design is fluid and completely customizable
    2. SEO friendly
    3. Including ability to install blog
    4. Full LAMP sytem (hosting with all features)
    5. highly integratable able out of box and will expand as you grow
    6. Heavily Supported by Designers
    7. Dropship emails with module or scan on forward
    8. MultiChannel Marketing
      1. Can Do Google Feeds and other feeds with module
      2. Marketplaces module- ebay listing with orders but no sync and no templates- these features are slated for late in the year 2014
      3. Monsoon connect: 160 mo
      4. Dydacorp M.O.M. connect 166mo
      5. Mailware, 166 mo, issues reported
      6. ChannelUnity –not yet available
    9. Usability: somewhat easy