Prostores to BigCommerce Migration – MagentoGo – Decision Time

Prostores and MagentoGo shutdown is creating a huge buzz and thousands of promotional emails are flying left and right. For the Prostores Migration developers and designers are tripping all over each other  to get your business, so are the top shopping cart platforms. There are over 10,000 retailers who need to migrate by end of January 2015. Here is some food for thought on moving your Prostores or MagentoGo to another platform. Is it Prostores vs. BigCommerce or something else?

 The Big Three: MagentoGo or Prostores to BigCommerce vs Magento CE vs. Shopify

  1. Magento Community Edition (Magento CE)
    1. It is hosted anywhere from $9.99 a month on up, most developers are selling it for $149 a month with their migration and support.
    2. The Community Edition does have an eBay module and it is free and works quite well. Including design and inventory features, serious eBay sellers iwll like this.
    3. Shared hosting is available for smaller boutique sellers, if you have optimized your images and theme, and are selling less than a few products a day, and if you do not do huge sales with more than 5 client shoppers at a time, you probably don’t need the high end hosting.
  2. Big Commerce
    1. Touted as having worked on eBay connecting for  months prior to this migration announcement, in reality BigCommerce requires a module for any serious eBay seller. Boutique shops may wish to push their products in this simplistic manner, no template, no design, but most sellers will want integrated inventory and design features. This can not be done out of the box and needs a module. There are a few available to do the job.
    2. The most cost effective and best modules out there are Ordoro and Stichlabs, both of these sync inventory only and do not provide design on push to ebay. They can integrate a 3rd party launch product such as Inkfrog, Auctiva, etc.
    3. A third module was able to provide a nice design to push to eBay as well as the above sync capabilities, but was buggy on the onset of our testing.
  3. ShopifyShopify-2010-black
    1. Similar to BigCommerce with some impressive themes, they are willing to help you with the migration as well. Their plugins are similar to the Bigcommerce plugins and some of the same. The two modules that we tested on BigCommerce are available from Shopify as well.

Using an eCommerce Shopping Cart such as BigCommerce, Shopify etc.

No matter which course a store owner decides to go there will be challenges on any platform as they are stock-built and customization is not perfect on a budget. Using any of the available platforms out of the box, you will find that costs range in the 80 dollar a month range for a decent ecommerce setup and add-ons will cost as much as 100 or more to accommodate specific programming to do tasks that are needed to integrate multichannel marketing and other types of syncing.

Using Open Source Shopping Carts for eCommerce:

There are solutions that are in the ballpark of say 10-30 a month, however those will most likely require that the store owner is versed on programming or wants to spend additional money on programmers over time. During any upgrade on open source carts there is likely to be some costs associated with updating themes and plugins that could become a bit costly due to the hours involved in correcting them to run properly again with an upgraded site. Most out of the box platforms for ecommerce have thoroughly beta tested updates so that store owners are not burdened with headaches when new features and security fixes are applied.

We did  testing on these platforms to determine which one is best for moving your store. We can not guarantee for every retailer that these results are complete, but they will give you and idea from the perspective of jump starting how the platforms stack up for a quick migration. Here are the results:

Other carts and other ways of Connecting eBay: MultiChannel Listing

There are many solutions now for multichannel marketing however many of them are rough and some are overly boasted about while having sync issues and performance issues.

There are modules out there that can help you connect to eBay if you need to and there are many listing tools available. Some of them are even hooked up to online stores.

The largest is Channeladvisor, this is a robost platform for the larger seller that is making over a million a year. If you are not making up to 500K, you’ll probably feel this is expensive. When you factor in the costs of labor and marketing at this level,  it’s actually quite a nice package.

Others that we have not tested include

  1. Linnworks
  2. Sixbit
  3. Vendio
  4. Volusion
  5. SureDone
  6. 3D Cart
  7. Nexternal
  8. Ammericommerce
  9. Highwire
  10. SolidCommerce
  11. SellBrite
  12. Selro

There are other ways too for example Feed platforms do it.

Overall you will pay a little more now than you did on Prostores no matter which way you choose to go.

We will be providing raw testing data soon on these platforms, stay tuned.