January 3, 2010

eBay Store Design

We have worked with the top sellers on eBay, including the #1 seller on eBay. Our custom ebay store design shows up on over 230,000 auctions!

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We are Certified by eBay in eBay Store Design

Professional Customized eBay Design, Development, Management and Expert Consulting since 2004!




All of our packages come with free consulting, which you can not buy from any other eBay designer … That’s because we have been top selling powersellers and know the unique challenges that large sellers face. Read more about our unique consulting here

Our custom ebay store designs are structured to make an impression to your customers and to create upsell and cross-selling opportunities for you on eBay with the least amount of fees for your trouble. We create your eBay store designs that include bid now, buy now, and conform to all eBay guidelines . We know our stuff. Our eBay stores are tried and tested. Visit eBay and take a look at any of the ebay store designs for these merchants to find out how you can improve your eBay store.

We specialize in website design for eBay Stores. Talk to us about upgrading your eBay store design along with your ebay about me page, and eBay auction templates.

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eBay #1 Powerseller

eForcity – They are incredible top sellers on eBay. with over 2.7 million feedback, higher than anyone else. We created their ebay listing template using our extrodinary website design. This ebay template has a unique inner box for shipping and allowing for a more compact use of space. When it comes to website design for ebay stores, we were happy to do the work for this eBay top seller.
ACCstationeBay #3 Powerseller Accstation is one of eBay’s largest sellers, rated #2 overall on eBay. They sell electronics. The custom ebay templates that we created has several variations for selling different product lines. They also include an intensive set of navigations, two side navs, and a set of store navigations. This website design includes and ebay store design as well.
 eBay Template Design  Hit Gaming – Seller wanted a creative storefront for his eBay presence. We did a completely custom storefront with product data feeding his website and eBay listings dynamically.



We charge competitive rates for our eBay store design, but moreover, we are the absolute best when it comes to getting results on eBay. We understand the system and how to work with it and around it!

We can combine any project to include eBay store design and eBay About me pages. Please contact us for information by clicking on the link below.

aGenius Website Design is a Professional Website Design, Internet Marketing and eBay Store Design Company located in San Diego, California. We specialize in Website Design, eCommerce Website Desing, Graphic Design, Logo Design,  Single Web Page Design Services and Custom eBay Store Design and Marketing. We employ experienced professional designers and programmers to help you upsell, crossell, and outsell your competition. We are knowledgeable in all areas of website design and are happy to quote you on your project.

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We are experts in commerce on eBay: Our eBay consulting services come from a wealth of knowledge from actually being there. We provide eBay template designs and eBay stores setup and design services created to sell product. We can create your eBay templates quickly and effectively to provide you with the results you need to sell your products online.