January 3, 2010

eBay Consulting

We are Certified by eBay in eBay Store Design

We are eBay experts with a proven record of performance.

In 2004 we were integral in the start-up of what became the fastest growing company on eBay, Pugster888, at the time. Pugster reached #1 on eBay for overall feedback with over 720,000 transactions, and is still in the top 25 on eBay for unique feedback. After  eBay, Pugster successfully launched it’s website with over 1 million in sales in the first year.

This joint venture was born out of the merging of the marketing and promotion background of the owner of aGenius and Pugster’s strong will to succeed in online selling. At the time eBay was in it’s infancy for volume powerselling.

As first members of PESA, we networked with some of the top sellers in the industry, and subsequently have worked with some of the top sellers on eBay, including eForcity, Accstation, Gothamcityonline, ShoeMetro, Gemaffair, and others who sell over a million dollars a year on eBay alone. We have also worked with small sellers to get started on eBay and successfully launched hundreds of stores successfully selling over $200,000 a year.

Quoted in several books on eBay selling, including industry mega entrepreneur Scot Wingos book “eBay Strategies”, and “The eBay Millionaire” our owner has intricate knowledge of selling successfully on eBay from hands on experience.

In addition to eBay selling, we have been e-commerce experts before the word e-commerce became a household word.



We create eBay Templates for eBay’s Top 10 powersellers!

Our services provide a wide range of online sellers invaluable insight into the most lucrative issues relating to them. Our eBay Store designs all include eBay consulting. We can show you how to sell and market your products for real world results. Contact us for an estimate today and see what you’ve been missing!

Our work can include many things, such as: custom template building, market consulting, ad creation, systems analysis, marketing, or troubleshooting. We are REAL experts in the eBay game.


You can sell a little or sell a lot ~ we know how to eBay!

Cross Sell, Upsell, and outsell your competition!

2eForcityPowerseller #1 overallThey are incredible top sellers on eBay.We created their custom ebay listing template using our extrodinary website design concept. This ebay template has a unique inner box for shipping which allows for more efficient use of space.
18 ACCstationPowerseller #2 overall Accstation is one of eBay’s largest sellers, rated #4 overall on eBay. They sell electronics. The custom eBay templates that we created have several variations for selling different product lines. They also include an intensive set of navigations on their website and in their eBay store; two side navigation bars, and a set of in-store navigations.

Selling on eBay has been around a long time, but nothing creates more profit in any marketplace than knowing what you’re doing, whether you do auctions or you open a storefront.

Read Scott Wingo’s Book eBay™ Strategies: 10 Proven Methods to Maximize Your eBay Business