January 3, 2010

eBay Templates

Cross Sell, Upsell, and outsell your competition!

We specialize in ebay store design and web site design with fast implementation.

Our custom ebay templates are structured to make an impression to your customers and to create upsell and cross-selling opportunities for you on eBay with the least amount of fees for your trouble. We create your ebay templates that include bid now, buy now, and conform to all eBay guidelines for auctions. We know our stuff. Our templates are tried and tested. Visit eBay and take a look at any of the auctions for these merchants to see our template designs.

ebay stores certified designer

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We create eBay Templates for eBay’s Top 10 powersellers!

We charge very competitive rates for our eBay templates, but moreover, we are the absolute best when it comes to getting results on eBay. We understand the system and how to work with it and around it!

We can combine any project to include eBay store design and ebay About me pages.