January 3, 2010

Miva Store Design

Miva Design and Development

We offer services for Internet marketing, website design and promotion for Miva Merchant Websites.

We are a full service website design company offering Miva Mechant development for ecommerce websites that sell!

 We are a professional website design & development company working with various platforms including Miva Mechant! We design each web site from the ground up with your needs in mind. Whether you have a new or existing site on the Miva Merchant platform, we can help you with complete design and programming for your ecommerce needs.

About Miva Mechant Development

Miva Mechant is one of the most expandable platforms for online retailers. Starting at a lease rate of a mere $40 per month, online merchants can easily improve on a basic store over time. This gives you the flexibility of expanding from $1000 a month in sales to $200,000 a month or more. We have worked with merchants doing over $5 million in sales using Miva Merchant, it truely is the most expandable software for online store owners.

Miva Merchant Stores start with only a few modules to make the inherent Miva software more flexible. We recommend that store owners purchase CatTree Templates and Category Page Templates and basically you’re off and running. With those modules you can create a beautiful store that can be modually expanded later for a better shopping experience as you grow.

We are fully versed in MivaMerchant including the following:

  1.  XML Provisioning Automation for Miva orders and inventory updates from remote servers
  2. Google Shopping Feeds automation for Miva
  3. Integration with Joomla and other CMS systems


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We also offer Miva integration add-ons and module assistance, click here for more info

We offer Mobile Websites for Miva Stores

Featured Sites developed on Miva Merchant


BuyBlueUSA Miva Merchant 5– wanted to freshen up the feel of their site with a more upscale look. We created this website design and additionally added Miva Meerchant 5 modules for suggested products, and a custom customer fields interface.Modules and customizations include

  • Featured Products
  • Making Custom Categories
  • Gift list
  • Customized Product Page
  • search friendly links



Madison Ave Mutts – Fantastic design incorporating category landing page customization, product layout detail customization. We also added multi-image rollover and constant featured product cross-sell with the dual side-navigation.


Noregon – This was part of a package whereby we created a great looking site with eBay store and listing template. This SEO-friendly platform, coupled with our SEO package lent itself to very succesful inclusion into the search engines resulting in great results.

(Please note: not all of our sample stores are controlled by us. Therefore, depending on customer need or request certain features may not be provided on these stores.)We offer competitive rates, professional web site design and full development for Miva Merchant in designing storefronts.

Ask any of our clients why they prefer our services… you’ll find that we provide top quality, completely personalized customer service and that’s why eCommerce sellers who use our services are glad we came along. We provide excellent customer service to our clients and outstanding turn around times.

We are a full service internet design company with years of online internet marketing experience.