October 26, 2011

Mobile Web Design for Mobile Websites

Mobile Site Development for eCommerce

Get Mobile for as little as $100 dollars

We now offer mobile web design  at an affordable price. Our offering will take your eCommerce site from a regular website to a mobile website.

  •  Miva
  • ProStores
  • WordPress sites

While eCommerce website design has always been a specialty of ours, you can now contract us as your mobile web designer with confidence as we provide the same great service and know-how that we apply to other sites to our mobile websites.

With years of experience in design and development you can not find a better alternative for your mobile website design.

  • Includes easy category navigation
  • Simple Clean Product Page
  • Clean Basket and Checkout Screens*
  • No monthly fees like some companies are charging.

Mobile Web App

The $100 dollar mobile app. Does anyone else offer it for less?

Need an app to get your store branding on your customers phones without the huge cost of mobile app development? You can couple this little app with your mobile site. This is a mini App that allows customers to remember your site by downloading the App and putting it on their home screen. In conjunction with your mobile site, it is seamless in navigation to the mobile site. Design includes your logo branding on home screen, and quick start button launches to your mobile web.

Want to see it in action? Click the graphic to the right to download an app for Needlepoint buyers from CanvasesbeGone.com for use on Android, Blackberry, Windows, WebOS and Symbian. *iPhone costs are additional.

 Prices start at $100.00

ProStores Mobile Sites

We offer a mobile design package that includes a mobile web app to offer for downloading to your customers Android, Blackberry, Windows phones. Our Iphone package requries approval by Apple at an additional cost. We can deliver a customized mobile experience that doesn’t look like all the standard offerings out there but is your very own.

  Prices start at $500.00

Miva Merchant Mobile Development

For Miva mobile site design we offer a package that is available for MMUI Miva Merchant stores. Until now most mobile Miva stores had to be converted to the CSSUI format in order to operate with mobile design.

We are now offering Miva Merchant MMUI stores with the ability to create a simple mobile site with customized pages for Categories, Products and the Category Tree Navigation. This service will run $500. dollars, with NO monthly fees. Please contact us for more info on this  implementation.

Our service requires that you have the Toolkit module installed and will use detection of mobile browers including iphone and android.

*some modifications to simplify cart may be needed

 Prices start at $500.00