January 3, 2010


Early on we set out to find the best SEO company on the internet. After all, search engine optimization is important to rank your site at the top of the heap. We tried some of the most expensive and some of the cheapest and the results were the same…. no service.

Some of the larger companies couldn’t even figure out who our competitors were. The less expensive options are usually automated and don’t know who you are.

It doesn’t matter if the larger SEO’s they have the biggest Fortune 500 companies on their list as references because for some odd reason it’s quite simple to rank if your name is Walmart. The traffic you generate alone will rank your site with no keywords or site optimization at all.

If you’re a smaller company, let’s say a company that the world wide web has never even heard of, it’s a challenge getting to the top of the pile to get that traffic, and you can’t get there without that traffic. It’s a catch 22.

It doesn’t matter if you pay $9.99 or $999.99 a month, if you don’t have someone who actually cares about your business you still have nothing at all.

We provide you with the work you need done. From review of your site, your competition, to niche marketing and link exchanges and purchasing when needed. We help you get the positioning you need to produce the sales results you want.

We don’t have double the staff of any other marketing company but we have some dedicated people who know what it will take to help you succeed. And we do it the old fashioned way using hard work, perseverance and a few automated tools to help us out.

This is a full time job. We have the time to do the things we do best while you concentrate on your business.

We have over 9 years experience traveling and working on the web and a vast knowledge of online systems, tidbits about marketing, search optimization and eBay marketing. But what sets us apart from the competition, is that we have been on the earning end. We can actually prove our clients have earned from nothing to over 1 million in one year..

Search Engine Optimization. So many choices.

Since the competition is so strong, the only thing that sets you apart from your competitor is to be seen, and to be seen all over the place. One of the biggest mistakes made by newbies to self SEO is not getting all the keywords.

If you pick a singular keyword, it will work, don’t get me wrong. But at what cost. Soon you will find what extra costs comes along with all those big words people are using.

Here are some suggestions from our experience:

  • THE TITLE OF YOUR PAGE – Your Page title should match your first Headline on the page. The Title of your page should not only be a title, but should also list keywords.
  • Tag at least 40% of all graphics with alternate text definitions.Your first alt tag should be a nice variation of the title keyword
  • Your first sentence should have a link to a page that is named yourkeyword.html (you get the point – right?)
  • You should repeat this keyword combination at least 7 times in your text
  • Your text on your homepage should be about 250-500 words in length
  • You should attempt to use alt tags on at least 50% of your images, but not all images.
  • Use the overture keyword tool, and the google keyword tool to find out what the actually best keywords are for you. You may think that it is “Designer Handbags” and later realize it was “Designer Purses”
  • Use both the plural and the singular form of your keyword in the page.

Don’t try to just copy the top ranking guy in your category. He probably has an already established site and what it takes for him to rank at #1 is not what it will take you.

Build the best pages you can with clean code, descriptive terms and links, and if you run out of time or patience, give us a ring… we know all kinds of other tips and ideas to make your page rank.

Do not submit a site which is not done. If all the pages are not online, wait until they are. Thereafter, a site should be promoted diligently the first go round, and spend about 30-60 minutes a day for a few days going online and looking for places to add the site. Yahoo should be manual, as well as Dmoz.org. In the early 90’s you could get your site online in a matter of days with search engines, now it can take weeks, in the case of the Open Directory it can take a year.

Keyword strategies
List all keywords twice, one in the plural one in the singular!
The biggest mistake most people make when creating keywords, is to forget to include the plural forms of the word. For example, many Web site owners list a particular keyword as “loan” “mortgage” when it also needs to be listed as “loans” or “mortgages.” Consumers generally think in terms of finding sites, they are not thinking “loan” they are thinking how can I get “loans.” so I can find the one I want. This is one of the least recognized trick in using keywords.When you’ve completed your keywords list, add the letter ‘s’ to the end of every word (or add the plural of the word to the list in the case of words like cactus/cacti).

Creating Keywords
Use a dictionary and thesaurus. One way of creating keywords is also to pretend that you are one of your customers. Be intelligent about it and come up with the normal words. Then pretend you are tired at the end of the day, and think of all the other words that people may use to describe what they are trying to find. For example: On a site where people are looking for money…they not only use the following keywords – money, cash, quick cash, loans, etc. But they may very well use the following words: help, jobs, borrow, credit, investor, investment, etc. Additionally you might want to appeal to those who don’t even know they are looking for cash by using terms such as: foreclosure, bankruptcy, financial, debt, collection, etc. And more remotely phrases will work separated by commas: quick cash, money to loan, financial freedom, etc.

List keywords in groups. For example, if you are searching for clothing, as a normal searcher you would probably enter “clothing Levi’s 501″ trying to find those jeans you want. As in this example it is better to list single and groups of keywords than only single words. <META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”clothing, Levi’s, 501″> will limit the number of exact matches you will get. A better way to do this is as follows: <META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”clothing Levi’s 501, Levi’s, 501, clothing”>.

Use the Overture and Google keyword tools to get an entire list of keywords that relate to your single term and the numbers of people who are using that term to search.

Search Optimization
Your best bet for any site is to optimize keywords, including niche keywords to gain traffic by having your site listed, for free, at or near the top of any search engine. This can be a slow process if you are in a competitive market. It can takes months. New algorithms for many of the search engines are information first, ranking informational sites at the top of the heap. For commercial sites this means you either have to give away free information to get listed there, or you have to be considered authoritative. One way to do this is to get into the DMOZ.org, Open Directory. This can sometimes take up to and even more than a year.

If you find that you are not able to get to the first two pages of any search engines, your results and traffic chances are diminished greatly. You have several ways you can go.