January 3, 2010

Website Maintenance

Web Maintenance, Web Design Services and Web Development

We have many website maintenance packages available for small and large business owners who need a webmaster to maintain their site. Web developers and designers average over $80,000 dollars a year according to Salary.com – in addition, you will normally pay vacation time, insurance and taxes on your full or part-time help.

Why pay for a full time webmaster, when you can use our pro-rated services to update and maintain your website.

When you share a webmaster, you can capitalize on our services for e-Commerce sites, WordPress sites, Joomla, and hosting assistance. When you work with us, we provide one on one service over a period of time so that you are familiar with us and feel comfortable trusting us to update your website.


We want to work for you!

Our monthly website maintenance packages include:

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 What kind of things do we do for you?
Our services include:
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Database and eCommerce Product Management
  • Quickbooks/ Excel spreadsheets, exports, reports
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Marketing
  • Research and Consultation
  • Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Design and social interaction.
  • Monthly marketing emails.
  • and much more.
* Rollover hours can accumulate for a 60 day maximum and are then depleted.
* All maintenance plans require a subscription enrollment for automatic payment.
* Programming tasks not included in these plans, contact us for a quote.

All work is done in the United States by English speaking developers.

What is the difference between maintenance and new design for my website?

New web design requires planning and much back and forth communication. Our maintenance plans do not include the scope of work required for new design, although we can quote you for new design if that is what is needed. With web maintenance you provide specific instructions on what you need to change and we go about making that change.

New websites require a significant amount of messaging and planning of content which are not provided in our web maintenance plans.

If you are changing more than 40% of your website within a one month period, you can utilize our web design services as opposed to our web maintenance programs.

When it comes to website design leave it to the professionals. If your e-commerce web design hasn’t been developed by an experienced web marketing professional you may be missing out on potential sales or online traffic. We are among many web designing companies, but remain in a class of our own because our web site development and web services are of the highest caliber. We perform e-commerce web design with a firm grasp of current market conditions and current marketing tactics in mind.