Custom Website Workflow

If you are purchasing our Custom Design Services, you can expect the following:

This project will utilize web developers, designers and technicians from the United States. Estimated timeframe is 30 to 45 days from start to finish.

We have extensive experience using the both web design platforms, e-commerce software and Content Management Systems. We are highly proficient in cost-effective implementations using open source programming to meet the needs of our clients.

Web Design Phase

  • Phase 1 – Planning & Storyboarding
    As the basis for the future design of the site, we will provide the design concept to our client for comment, based on preliminary conversations with the client. Client will spend time evaluating the look/feel provided and give feedback for redesign if necessary. This preliminary design will become the basis of the site character. We anticipate this will take from 3 to 10 days based upon past experience. In most circumstances we create mockups within 90% of the specifications of our clients. Mockups cover home pages only as in general all site elements will follow style and design of the home page with variations of the design implemented site wide. We do not provide unlimited revisions like some designers in cheaper markets. We normally hit it on the first try but if not we will do an additional mockup. From the mockup most like what our customer wants, we will do revisions to this one design as many as 5 times.
  • Phase 2 – Site Preparation
    Client interaction is needed in this phase to provide documents and images for the site. In ecommerce site, a spreadsheet is required for any sites with over 10 products. Documents will be formatted in Word or other text processing software and delivered via email or uploaded to our easy to use project management system. If the site has existing documents and images we will either request logins and download such or obtain via html download. We do not crop images or create product images within the basic parameters of the design project unless it is stated on your agreement.
  • Phase 3 – Development, Editing & Changes and Testing
    Once the mockup is approved we proceeded to develop the site. This will include set up of hosting, if needed, and structure for new site. We will install CMS, Blog or other elements as quoted. After a joint review and edit of the new site, any and all necessary changes will be made. It is imperative to thoroughly check the site for such things as browser compatibility, broken hyperlinks, and errors in submit forms to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Phase 4 – e-Commerce elements.
    When eCommerce elements are present a spreadsheet of products is required. Site modules may cost additional and will be discussed with client as needed.
  • Phase 4- Delivery & Launch and Training.
    Once everything has been tested, we will turn the site live. When your agreement includes it, we will additionally provide written documentation on the process of adding content and products, adjusting inventory, processing orders, etc and will provide both written, verbal and in person training as required.


We anticipate that most sites can be set up in 7 to 45 days.


We work with our clients using secure software for easy to use to-do lists, galleries and project task lists. In addition all information is provided there and we can set multiple person access to the same project to expedite the progress and keep things as simple as possible for all parties.


Unlike other web design companies we provide our clients with personalized consulting from our extensive knowledge of internet marketing.

We have extensive knowledge of online selling and internet development. The company consists of several in house and virtual team members who work closely to design and develop websites.

With over 9 years experience in internet systems we are saturated with infinite knowledge of tips, tricks and methodologies for creating a better mousetrap.What sets us apart from the competition, is that we have been on the earning end. We have created sites that have been able to earn over $11million a year in the marketplace and have gone through the process of isolating trouble spots and correcting them. Our sites have gone online and stayed online with less than a few minutes a year of downtime.

Our company is informally structured and situated in the beach city of Encinitas, California. We work with our clients one on one.